distinctive fine art nature photography by Michael G. Gabridge
About the photographer...

Michael is an experienced biologist and photographer who brings a unique perspective to fine art nature photography. His close-ups and macro views represent a distinctive and unusual blend of scientific detail and artistic interpretation. His graphics tend to be less of a "moment-in-time" and more of a creative composition focusing on line, shape and color.

A self-taught photographer, Michael uses 35 mm and medium format cameras primarily, with prints being generated via the computer and ink-jet printers. The final graphic typically is a large, vibrant print of archival quality, elegant in its simplicity.

His "Aspen" collection was years in the making, and is featured exclusively in this website. It is both extensive and distinctive. This is especially true for his "Abstract" portfolio with the back-lit aspen leaves arranged in unique patterns. The shadows from the areas of overlap create interesting accent points reinforcing the shape of the leaves themselves.

Prior to working full-time in photography, Dr. Gabridge was a microbiology professor, researcher, inventor, entrepreneur, and academic administrator. His scientific and fine art photographic works have been displayed in numerous commercial and private galleries around the country.

His stock and free-lance photographs appear in dozens of textbooks (publishers include Academic Press, Macmillan, Harper & Row, and Lippincott), magazines (including Adirondack Life, Laboratory Medicine, and Women's Day- Australia), company brochures and annual reports, and Boston's Museum of Science. The subjects for these photos and his stock photography (he is represented currently by Custom Medical Stock Photo in Chicago, and Visuals Unlimited in New Hampshire) range from close-up views of flowers and leaves to frost crystals and microbial cells. In his thirty years as a nature photographer, he has earned numerous awards in regional and national art shows.

Michael and his wife, Lenie, reside in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.